White Sage Sacred Venus Love Bundle

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Hand woven ethically harvested White Sage sacred Venus Love bundle with specifically chosen herbs to promote love magick - this bundle contains white sage, babies breath, farm grown Aussie lavender, farm grown Rose petals.  

Small 11x3cm (approximately)
Large: 13/14x3cm (approximately)

How to use: Place your sage into a fireproof bowl or your shell. Burn a candle, set an intention, and then light the sage using the candle.
Blow it out so the embers are glowing. With both hands, bring the smoke into your heart, over your head and down the front and back body to cleanse yourself. 

Starting on the lowest level of your space, move room to room and use your hand or a feather to waft the smoke into all four corners, where the ceiling and walls meet. Then, direct the smoke out through windows and doorways.

♡ Magical properties ♡ 
White Sage - Sage is a highly magical plant that works in many different realms. It is believed to heal, protect, and cleanse the spirit, soul, emotional body, and mind through its sacred smoke.