Unicorn Manor is a enchanted occult store for witchbabes - created and curated by style icon, fashion model, stylist, digital marketing strategist and practising solitary Wiccan witch, Emi Unicorn who has gained a global following from her blog of the same name. 

Not only does Emi have over 15 years of experience and knowledge of The Craft as a practising Wiccan and Witch, she has even majored in Studies of Religion (Witchcraft, Paganism & the New Age) upon completion of her B.A (University of Sydney). 

Emi found she wanted to share her love of natural crystal formations while simultaneously wanted an outlet where she could share her knowledge of The Craft in a form every young hedgling witch could enjoy.  

Having a deep appreciation for magic, natural crystal formations, crystal healing and spiritual healing, Emi wanted to share this passion through her craft and thus in December 2015 the beginnings of Unicorn Manor was born. Her love for candles & crystals was what sparked in our magical in-house brand Mystic Unicorn - resulting in utterly unique crystal candles that smells as good as they look. Emi is proud to make each Mystic Unicorn product by hand - each finished product goes through vigorous weeks of designing and testing before it reaches the Manor. Every single product is made by hand with love, light and crafted with magick.  

From our magical in-house brand Mystic Unicorn (soy crystal candles, soy wax melts, bath crumbles & potions) to one of a kind, hand selected crystals, divination or ritual tools,  to unique unicorn decor for the home, we aim to bring some magic into your everyday.

Crystals are natural formations that not only are beautiful pieces for your home, each crystal vibrates at a different frequency and has different metaphysical and healing properties. All our crystals are hand selected exclusively for the Manor by Emi.

Our Mystic Unicorn Candles & Bath products are sold exclusively at unicornmanor.com any other website or store claiming to sell our candles are counterfeit or copies.

If you want to see something stocked, get in touch and we'll do our best to find it for you! We want to share nature's gifts and gems, through crystals, our magical candles and really appreciate you for your support. Thank you for supporting us and happy shopping!  ☽◯☾