Under the Witching Tree by Corinne Boyer


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Under the Witching Tree: A Folk Grimoire of Tree Lore and Practicum by Corinne Boyer
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Under the Witching Tree; is the first offering in a trilogy of books by Corinne Boyer a folk-herbalist known for her work exploring both the traditional medicinal and magical applications of plants and trees which, as Corinne explains in her video introducing the trilogy, are often revealed through their accumulated folklore.

This is a trilogy that guides us into the realms of plant lore, folk magic and folk medicine. The first book, Under the Witching Tree, focuses on the rustic magical traditions surrounding trees from western and northern Europe and north America.

Corinne’s work, backed up by nearly twenty years of experience in the field, is full of information that is today little known, particularly within modern herbalism. This is a book which presents the reader with a wealth of home-spun and very hands-on practices exploring tales, charms, spells, recipes and rites focusing on twenty different trees.

--- Note from Emi --- One of my favourite books about the sacred trees (including the nine sacred trees of Wicca), this book is an in depth look at the history, magick and healing properties of 20 magickal trees and how to use them in your magickal practice. Absolutely a must for any Witch!