Pink Amethyst Crystal Specimen #3

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High grade pink amethyst geode specimen. The colour of Pink Amethyst comes from inclusions of hematite and iron inside quartz points (Rose Quartz gains it's pink colour from manganese, titanium or iron inclusions). The frequency of Pink Amethyst connects to the heart, third eye and crown chakras stimulating these chakras so that one is open to love and guidance from one's soul. 

Size: 98gm
Weight: 6.5x5cm

You will receive this exact crystal as pictured ✨

♡ Magical properties ♡
Pink Amethyst - A healing stone of spiritual growth and emotional healing. Gentle love energy and divine love. More important Pink Amethyst reminds us that the love we seek is already within us and now is the time to radiate this love to make the world a better place. Calming energy, soothing anxiety.