Optical Calcite Crystal

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  • Optical Calcite Crystal
  • Optical Calcite Crystal
  • Optical Calcite Crystal
  • Optical Calcite Crystal

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Optical Calcite carries a very high and unique vibration that is evident just by holding them. These pieces are great for placing on the chakras during body-layouts and meditation. Their energies of manifestation make them excellent for grid work.

This stunning optical calcite piece has rainbow inclusions and is perfect for manifesting your desires and to amplify
 mental discernment and analysis, increases memory and learning abilities.

You will receive this exact crystal as pictured ✨
Measures 4.5x4cm

♡ Magical properties ♡ 
Optical Calcite - stone of the mind. A p
owerful energy amplifier and cleanser. The purifying energy of Calcite cleans out stored negative energy from a room, the body, etc

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