MYSTIC UNICORN Nymph's Kiss Crystal Wax Melt

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  • MYSTIC UNICORN Nymph's Kiss Crystal Wax Melt
  • MYSTIC UNICORN Nymph's Kiss Crystal Wax Melt

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Our Mystic Unicorn Nymph's Kiss signature scent - now available in crystal wax melts ✨

Made from 100% soy wax* with a bouquet of flowers including jasmine, violet, lily, lilac, geranium and juniper infused with certified organic rose, pansy, jasmine, calendula, cornflower, glitter, Kyanite crystal and magic.

Handmade in Australia with love and light. No animal testing, cruelty free. 100% Vegan 🐰
Each pack contains 6 melts - to use simply break off and heat in an oil burner. Each cube has a burn time of approximately 10+ hours. 

♡ Magical properties ♡
Pansy - promotes love, healing and positivity. 
Wild Rose - promotes love, protection, grounding.
Jasmine - promotes beauty, love, peace and prosperity. Very soothing and calming herb. 
Calendula - promotes love, protection, psychic enhancement and good luck.
Cornflower - promotes love and fertility
Kyanite - enhances psychic abilities, encourages communication, excellent crystal for meditation and attunement. High vibration stone. It will not retain negative vibrations or energy, therefore never requiring clearing.  Kyanite aligns all chakras and subtle bodies instantly. 

*Our soy wax used in our MYSTIC UNICORN CANDLES contain no GMO material, NO paraffin, NO unnatural additives and are Kosher certified.

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