Love Witch Altar Bottle

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Crafted with love and intent, our Love Witch Altar bottles are infused with potent herbs associated with love/healing/beauty and includes Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz crystals, Rose Bulgarian Absolute Oil, sealed shut with a wax seal to fuse the spell. Perfect for your altar - to be used as a constant reminder to love yourself and to infused love and healing magick into your space. 
Bottle size 6.5x8cm

♡ Magical properties ♡ 
Rose - promotes love, healing, self love, protection, grounding. 
Lavender - promotes healing, love, peace and calm. 
White Willow Bark - promotes long lasting love, wisdom, beauty, protection and divination. Associated with Venus. 
Jasmine - promotes love, healing, beauty, joy and happiness.
Rue - attracts love, healing and positive energy.
Statice - promotes enchantment, remembrance, peace.
Rose Quartz - promotes love, healing, calm and creativity.
Clear Quartz - most powerful healing stone and energy amplifier. Emotional balancer, excellent for meditation, dispels negativity.

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