Limited Edition Mystic Unicorn Baba Yaga Cauldron Crystal Candle

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Limited Edition Mystic Unicorn Baba Yaga Cauldron Crystal Candle
Limited Edition Mystic Unicorn Baba Yaga Cauldron Crystal Candle

Known as the Goddess of Reincarnation, death, rebirth and healing, Baba Yaga is often symbolised by black hounds, skulls, her chicken legged hut, silver birch and besoms. Baba Yaga is a common crone witch figure in Slavic Witchcraft and folklore. She is the Crone Witch. She holds magick, ancient and wise. She offers sage advice, healing, wildcrafting and herbalist knowledge. 

A prototype of the fairytale witch, Baba Yaga lived deep in the silver birch forest and scared passersby to death just by appearing to them. She then devoured her victims and decorated her picket fence with their skulls. Behind this fierce legend looms the figure of the ancient birth-and-death Goddess, one whose autumn death in the cornfield led to a new birth in spring. Baba Yaga’s themes are the harvest, rest, providence, thankfulness and cycles. Her symbols are corn sheafs, wreaths of wheat, corn, rye and wild flowers. Known as the Lithuanian/Russian Goddess of regeneration, as both young and old, Baba Yaga reawakens in us an awareness of time’s ever-moving wheel, the seasons and the significance of both to our Goddess-centered magick.

Our Baba Yaga cauldron candles smell like silver birch forest and magick. I knew when I was designing Baba Yaga I wanted to utilise Russia's rich minerals - Charoite is a rarer crystal that is only found in Russia and Siberian Seraphinite. Infused with Russian Charoite - known as the stone of transformation, i
t cleanses the aura and chakras by transmuting negative energy into healing. It opens our hearts and stimulates unconditional love. Re-energises, reducing stress/worry and protection. Paired with Seraphinite which is associated with self healing, regeneration, wholeness and angelic connection - they both align with Baba Yaga's themes of healing, renewal, death, rebirth and regeneration. 
Finally I chose Colombian Singing Quartz (the highest vibrational Quartz in the world), a great light sound energy crystal and amplifier to heal both the body and the mind. I've used Russian herbs like silver birch and willowherb as well as herbs associated with Baba Yaga and violet pansies to honour my babushka as these were her favourite flowers. I hope when using this candle you completely feel attuned with Baba Yaga the Crone Witch and all her wisdom, healing and magick.

Only 15 available - 14/4 release

Intention: Wisdom, regeneration, harvest, death, rebirth, healing, Baba Yaga, sage advice, hedge witchcraft

Scent: Dark Patchouli, rich oud, silver birch forests, bergamot, black rose
Crystal: Charoite, Seraphinite, Colombian Singing Quartz

NOTE: Metal Cauldron will get hot as candle burns, please always burn safely and with caution. 

Handmade in Australia with love and light. No animal testing, cruelty free. 100% Vegan 🐰 Approximate 80 hour burn time. 

*Our soy wax used in our MYSTIC UNICORN CANDLES contain no GMO material, NO paraffin, NO unnatural additives and are Kosher certified.

Limited Edition Mystic Unicorn Baba Yaga Cauldron Crystal Candle
Limited Edition Mystic Unicorn Baba Yaga Cauldron Crystal Candle


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