Raw Elite Shungite

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Raw Elite Shungite. Noble Shungite, also known as Elite or Silver Shungite, is the extremely rare variety of the mineral Shungite. 

All Shungite is carbon-based and contains the naturally occurring molecules called “fullerenes”, which have been confirmed to contain antibacterial microbes. These molecules have been used for hundreds of years to purify water, as well as having been used for royalty in the form of modern “spa treatments”. Noble Shungite is highly recommended for elixir rather than the classic black Shungite ore. Black Shungite tends to have flakes that shed and only contains around 30% carbon, whereas Elite Shungite contains around 98%+ carbon. It is the only known allotropic form of naturally occurring Carbon in the world.

Shungite will be intuitively chosen ✨ This listing is for one Elite Shungite piece. 

♡ Magical properties ♡

Elite Shungite - extremely powerful, cleanses the body. Shungite is the stone of protection and healing and Elite Shungite is perfect for water purification and filtration. It can give an energy boost to you physically and emotionally. Shungite purifies and detoxifies the mind and spirit. It clears you and the spaces around you of negative energy. Shungite is associated with the Root Chakra, and is helpful for spiritual grounding. It has a strong connection to the Earth and assists with spiritual journeys. Shungite can be used for EMF protection. It is a strong stone that radiates calming and protective energy.