Limited Edition Mystic Unicorn Epione Cauldron Crystal Candle

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Inspired by the Goddess of soothing pain, Epione. 
Our  Epione cauldron candles have a soothing English Lavender scent to create a peaceful calming energy. Infused with high grade Lepidolite, known for it's high lithium content, Lepidolite is great for calming, stress relief, assisting with depression and anxiety. High grade Celestite pairs well with Lepidolite creating peaceful soothing gentle calming energy, bringing in high vibrational energy. 

Only 10 available

Intention: Stress relief, calming, gentle, soothing pain
Scent: English Lavender
Crystal: Lepidolite, Celestite

- These cauldrons are smaller than our usual Goddess Cauldron range. Hence the price difference -  Cotton wick candle. Handmade in Australia with love and light. No animal testing, cruelty free. 100% Vegan 🐰  Approximate 50 hour burn time. 

NOTE: Metal Cauldron will get hot as candle burns, please always burn safely and with caution. 

*Our soy wax used in our MYSTIC UNICORN CANDLES contain no GMO material, NO paraffin, NO unnatural additives and are Kosher certified.


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