Angel Aura Quartz Wand #3

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  • Angel Aura Quartz Wand #3
  • Angel Aura Quartz Wand #3

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Beautiful delicate Angel Aura crystal quartz wand that captures the light with insane rainbow inclusions. Great for channeling and focusing energies and intent for spell work and meditation. 
Measures 10x2.5cm 
One in stock ✨ You will receive the exact crystal as pictured.

♡ Magical properties ♡
Angel Aura - intense strong energy that cleanses the aura. Stone of romance and love. It is a crystal of joy, and like a rainbow, signifies hope and optimism. Great healing stone, aids in meditation, spiritual healing and aura spellwork. Promotes peace and tranquility. It is an excellent stone for cleansing and brightening the aura and to stimulate healing.

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