Witching Hour (Hardcover)

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  • Witching Hour (Hardcover)
  • Witching Hour (Hardcover)
  • Witching Hour (Hardcover)

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Witching Hour: A journal for cultivating positivity, confidence and other magic by Sarah Bartlett
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The Witching Hour is a guided journal for you, the modern-day witch. In fact, "the witching hour" is the time you take for reflection, spiritual work, spells or just focus on what you want from your future. But this is no ordinary spell book. It takes you on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. It enables you to be the active agent in your own life, to make your own choices and to make things you want to happen, well, happen. This is what the witching hour's magic is all about.

The modern witch is empowered and determined, and she defies expectations at every turn. But even the most all-powerful sorceress sometimes needs a quiet moment to reflect, recharge, and maybe cast an enchantment or two. This guided journal encourages you to set aside time for your own personal "witching hour." Use the spells, charms, and incantations within its pages to conjure self-confidence, summon success, nourish friendships, banish negative thinking, and master the magic of self-love. It includes spells for productivity, career success, repairing relationships, attracting love, and tapping into your sense of purpose. Filled with mystical illustrations and plenty of witchy wisdom, this journal has everything you need to lead your best (and most magical) life.

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