MYSTIC UNICORN Water Crystal Candle - Elemental Magick

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  • MYSTIC UNICORN Water Crystal Candle - Elemental Magick
  • MYSTIC UNICORN Water Crystal Candle - Elemental Magick

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MYSTIC UNICORN Elemental Magick Water Crystal Candle
Made from 100% soy wax* with a 
strong salty scent reminiscent of the sea (same as our Sea Witch) infused with certified organic Australian grown Rose, Chamomile, Yarrow, Sea Shells, Blue Lace Agate crystal, glitter and magick.

Comes in tin jar with lid. Handmade in Australia with love and light. No animal testing, cruelty free. 100% Vegan 🐰

Small - 30 hour burn time

♡ Magical properties ♡ 
Rose - 
promotes love, protection, grounding.
Chamomile - relaxes the mind, aids in meditation, promotes love. Great for money spells. 
Yarrow - 
promotes healing, love, protection and power. Enhances psychic abilities.
Sea Shell - promotes love, prosperity, protection. Being born of the ocean, shells are strongly associated with the element of water. They are also associated with the moon, which drives ocean tides. Both the element of water and the moon have strong feminine energies that are receptive in nature, so shells are primarily used in magic to draw things you desire into your life.
Blue Lace Agate - excellent emotional healing stone, soothing and nurturing. Blue Lace Agate utilises water energy - the energy of stillness, quiet strength, and purification. It embodies potentialities unrealised. It is yielding, formless, yet powerful. The Water element brings power of regeneration and rebirth.

*Our soy wax used in our MYSTIC UNICORN CANDLES contain no GMO material, NO paraffin, NO unnatural additives and are Kosher certified.

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