Palo Santo Herb Stick

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Each Palo Santo stick is dressed in a mixture of herbs and oils , chosen for their ability to cleanse energy. 

Used in the same way as a standard Palo Santo incense stick, hold a flame to the incense and allow it to catch alight. Let it burn for around 20 seconds then gently blow out the flame. Allow the smoke to fill the space, moving it over your crystals and through your home. Keep doors and windows open to allow the stagnant energy to shift and leave your space. Always burn over a fire proof bowl and use caution. Keep out of reach of children and pets. 

Ingredients : Palo Santo , frankincense, white sage, rose petals, cinnamon, beeswax, essential oils of: peppermint, Palo Santo, lavender and sweet orange. 

Each stick is packaged in biodegradable cellulose and paper.